A more sustainable MIS

Reducing our carbon footprint in MIS International 2022

In Grupo eventoplus, we are conscious of the environmental impact that meetings cause and reducing the effects are important to us. 

During the second edition of our MIS International workshop held from September 27th to 29th in Barcelona, we had 90 participants who came from Europe and different parts of Spain. Apart from train and air transport to the event, ground transportation to get participants to different venues in the programme was also included in this calculation of the CO2 emissions. CO2 emitted by suppliers who have helped to produce the event was also tabulated.

The total carbon footprint of MIS International amounted to 39.98 tonnes. To do our part in reducing the effects, we have contributed funds to a reforestation project in Galicia, “Galicia Rexenera: Xiabre (Caldas de Reis)” where vast areas were destroyed by forest fires. Thanks to the reforestation work in progress, 262 working days are also created, adding a social impact from this compensation. 

More info about the project (in Spanish) [+]


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