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MIS 2020 – Be extraordinary

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Today, meeting organisers face the challenge in battling for time and attendance of its participants. While it is getting harder to impress participants who are becoming more experienced and may have already been to many surprising events, organisers are constantly expected to deliver events that can transform behaviour while working under tight budgets.

Within the perimeters of any event, there is also the combination of creativity, innovation and logistics management to deliver the event experience. Events are about feelings, emotions and experiences. Delivering messages clearly and expressing them through positive stimulus and greater than expected experiencies is a strong and lasting way that can change behaviours and beliefs. Under these contexts, MIS aims to help meeting professionals understand and design extraordinary events.

Some points to note in making your event extraordinary:

Relevance in your messages: you will have communicate in a way that your audience can relate to, that these messages mean something to them and give them new information.

Relevance in the content: there must be a reason why we do the things we do. Putting your participants in a dark room just to be non-conventional is not enough. They must see why they are in this room and what the surprise serves to transmit.

Creativity is one of the most desired traits in designing meetings. But creativity must be brought down to actions that can be implemented and deliver the objectives. There are so many good ideas out there, but they are only good for you when you are able to make them understandable, lay them out into concrete doables and bring transformational results.

The X factor
Many of you know the TV programme X Factor, available in versions across the globe. But every event should have its X factor that makes it “X-ordinary” – what is it that is going to make your event special. Does your event have its “wow” moments?

Come to MIS and experience a different event as well as learn how to design extraordinary events and get to know who are the providers that can help you make it a reality.

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