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Cool games X handicraft workshops

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Ready to play? At MIS, we want you to have fun because we know playing is a natural way to create relationships and unforgettable moments… and to top it, you get to win prizes!

Giant tic-tac-toe: a table game where the winner will be the one who forms 3 in a row first, with the same color cups… but to be able to place the cup on the row, you will have to flip it first.

Bottle flip challenge: Every time you successfully flip a bottle, you get to move a bottle placed on a scale between the 2 players, closer to the opponent. The one who manages to place the bottle on the closet box on the scale to the opponent wins, and all this needs to be achieve within 60 seconds.

Handicraft workshops

Flower pot decoration: put your artistic skills to work and you will get to plant a seed that comes together with your decorated pot… what plant will grow? Surprise!

A travel tic-tac-toe kit: Fabricate your own kit and have fun while you travel

Weekly organiser: practical for use at home or your workplace. Made with cloth pegs and cardboard, decorate it with different colours and get your week organised!

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