Convince your boss

Be eXtraordinary! You will learn to integrate this important elements in your meetings and at work.
The last edition of MIS was designed under the theme “Be eXtraordinary!” and we understood that when there is change there are results so, it is essential to add the eXtraordinary element to all what surround us.

At MIS, I will learn how to integrate and ensure happiness and positive emotions in meetings, understand what drives happiness and what forms happiness – all to ensure that our meetings will leave an impactful mark on the attendees.

I will gain insights and best practices relevant to my work.

I will be informed of the latest topics and innovation in the industry, as well as learn from experts from different disciplines to plan better meetings. I will walk away from the event feeling motivated, empowered and inspired to apply those lessons to my own work.

I will make valuable connections

Within the International Buyer programme, there are many networking moments: social dinners, scheduled appointments and informal coffees where I will get the opportunity to meet with meeting professionals to share and learn from one another and to do business. By attending and representing our company there, I will be able to tell others about what we do and make connections that can help us in the future.

Due the strict criterias applied to the Buyer programme, only qualified and influential meeting professionals will be there. This is a great occasion to build partnerships, meet potential clients and fellow collaborators.

I will be able to create online content for the Company.

I will be posting valuable content generated at the event on our social media and also embedding our Company into a community of meeting professionals as well as expanding our reach to this community.

I will bring back lessons and best practices to share with my team.

I will head back to our office filled with new ideas and information worthy of sharing with my colleagues. When employees are excited about sharing information, it boosts morale and can often be contagious, resulting in an overall happier work environment.

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